Monday, 21 April 2014


One hop, two
Lungs and with,
These songs we said,
Along this 'bandon,
Stretch of lonely road;

Though hollow hopes,
We dearly held,
Open arms and with,
Plainly cries of joy,
We scent the warmth,
Within the wind,
Where surely it will rise.


Flowers, grass, we have to ask,
Where could they have gone?
The ground is bare,
With greenish flair,
And the sun yet continues,
Her song.


The sea is in a sorry state,
The waves arising high,
The peoples run and scream,
The sky beings to cry.


Dog, dog, eat the marrow,
Crack the bone,
Chew the fat,
Come home...


But one bird,
Had not misheard,
Likened to a K,
Rake and pent,
A vessel rose,
To Perch,
Upon the day;

When said and done,
Its wings outstretched,
Swallowed in the mire,
What black, fell heart,
Rose up in song,
Burning with unholy fire.

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